Distributed Filesystems Roundup (first draft)

Thursday, December 20, 2007 by Nate Murray.

I'm currently working on an article titled "Distributed Filesystems Roundup". You can find it here.I'm just learning about these types of systems so there are a few holes in the data. In our case, we were looking for a system with the following requirements:

  • Open-source or free
  • Operates on consumer hardware over ethernet
  • Could scale to minimum of 10TB
  • Recovery if one of the nodes fail
  • Ability to replicate for high-availability
  • Ability to add new nodes on the fly and increase the storage pool easily
  • Prefer ability to run in SuSE Linux
  • Prefer to be able to run in a Virtual Machine using Xen
I hope this article can be an overview and starting point for someone starting to learn about these options.

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