Tuesday, October 10, 2006 by Nate Murray.

I've just released the first version of my BackupGem. You can read the manual here: BackupGem aims to be the easiest and most flexible backup, archive and rotate tool. It’s a beginning-to-end solution for scheduled backups in a clean ruby package that is simple use and powerful when customized. A configuration as simple as:

  set :backup_path, "/var/local/backups/my_old_logs"
  action :content,  :is_contents_of => "/var/my_logs"

Will compress, encrypt, deliver, and rotate the contents of /var/my_logs. But this is just a taste of the power this gem has.

If you are interested the gem is available via:

  gem install backupgem

Or view the manual at:
RubyForge Project page:

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 by Nate Murray.

activeGallery_nm is a folder-based image gallery. This code is originally from Activeunit's activeGallery. It is licensed under GPL, so I am simply releasing it with my own modifications.

The theory is to have a photo gallery that requires no database and is as simple as possible.

Example Gallery. Download [gzip | bz2].


Why re-release it here?

I really like the idea of a folder-based photo gallery, however when I installed the original activeGallery it was buggy and gave lots of errors. Additionally it left open a couple of security holes where a user could browse your server's directories. I've fixed most of these bugs and am continuing development based on their work.


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